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Open to Motorcycles

Open to All Terrain Vehicles

Open to Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles


Advanced Riders

Intermediate Riders

Novice Riders


Tinta Trail

7 miles

Wandering motorcycle trail up a canyon. Connects Tinta Campground with West Dry Canyon Road.

Cuyama River Corridor

7 miles

Dry sandy riverbed most of the year.  Great deal has a great deal of private property so, respect fences and other facilities. Dead-end both directions.

Apache Canyon Corridor

9 miles

Four-wheel drive route in sandy wash with two short side roads into the Badlands. Some private land in wash. Use Apache Canyon Road to get around dead-end route.

Quatal Trail

1.5 miles

Motorcycle trail in sandy wash that starts on Quatal Road and feeds into Quatal Canyon Corridor.

Toad Springs Trail

 Closed due to landslide.

Quatal Canyon Corridor

9 miles

Sandy wash with four spurs off of Road 9N09 for four-wheel drives. Connects with Quatal Canyon Road and Quatal Trail.

San Emigdio OHV

3 miles

Four-wheel drive road along a forested ridge. Start at San Emigdio Road and connects with Marian Camp and Road 9N27.  Dread ends at Brush Mountain.

San Emigdio Mountain

1.5 miles

Meandering four-wheel drive road along forested ridge with good vistas.  A dead-end route.

Dry Canyon

8 miles

Four-wheel drive route along sandy washes in Badlands terrain. Dead-end route.

Wagon Road Springs

1 miles

Short four-wheel drive road into badlands terrain.  Dead-end route.

Pleito Creek Road

3.5 miles

Steep challenging four-wheel drive road down a deep wooded canyon. Dead-end route.

Salt Creek Road

3.5 miles

Steep, four-wheel drive route.  A dead-end route.

Cherry Creek Road

1.5 miles

Steep four-wheel drive road down wooded canyon. A dead-end route.  Ends at Cherry Campground.

West Tecuya Trail

2.5 miles

Motorcycle trail along forested ridge between Scott Russell Road and Cherry Creek Road.

Tecuya Timber Sale Road

2 miles

Wandering four-wheel drive road along a forested ridge.  A dead end route for four-wheel drives connects with East Tecuya Trail.

Cold Springs Trail

2.5 miles

ATV trail climbing from Frazier Park to Tecuya Timber Sale Road.

East Tecuya Trail

3 miles

ATV trail along main ridge, with many scenic vistas.  Connects Tecuya Timber Sale Road and Edison Road.

West Frazier Mine Road

6 miles

Rocky four-wheel drive road that passes several old mining areas.  Connects Lockwood Valley Road, Lockwood Creek Road and West Frazier Tie Road.

West Frazier Tie

1.5 miles

Steep four wheel drive road connecting West Frazier Mine Road with road 8N42 on top of Frazier Mountain.

East Frazier Trail

3.5 miles

Motorcycle trail climbing from Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area to road 8N42. Passes through scrub oak and pines.

Arrastra Trail

2 miles

Steep, narrow, rocky motorcycle trail which switchbacks from the Tejon Trail to the top of Frazier Mountain. Connects road 8N42 and Tejon Trail.  About 1/4 mile from the top of the trail you will find tall jagged rocks which you will likely walk your bike over.  Coming down the trail, those rocks can be slowly worked around and over.  At that particular spot, going in either direction, speed is not your friend because you will go over the edge.

Tejon Trail

9 miles

Motorcycle trail traverses south side of Frazier Mountain.  Connects Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area Arrasta Trail, Whata Trail, Long Dave Trail, and Gold Hill Trail.

Long Dave Valley Trail

4 miles

Motorcycle trail with nice scenery that connects Gold Hill Trail, Tejon Trail, and Lockwood Creek Road.

Gold Hill Trail

4 miles

Motorcycle trail through pinyon pine trees. Connects the Gold Hill Road, Long Dave Valley Road and Tejon Trail. 

Cottonwood Trail

1 mile

Spur four-wheel drive trail route from Lockwood Trail to Cottonwood Campground. Dead-end route.

Yellow Jacket Canyon Trail

6.5 miles

Rocky four-wheel drive road that passes by several small meadows; please stay on the trail. Dead-end route for four-wheel drive, but connects Lockwood Trail and road 7N03 for motorcycles.

Lockwood Trail

8.5 miles

Rocky four-wheel drive road starting at Lockwood Creek Road. Connects Lockwood Valley Road, Miller Jeep Road, Long Dave Valley Trail, Yellow Jacket Canyon Trail, and Piru Creek Trail.  This trail is very steep from Lockwood Valley so good tires are a plus.  The trail is accessed from the Forest Service Road just off of Lockwood Valley Road (paved) or at the Gold Hill trail junction.

Piru Creek Trail

7 miles

Motorcycle trail from Goldhill Campground. Trail follows Piru Creek and meets Halfmoon Trail two miles south of Sunset Campground. This trail provides connections with Lockwood Trail, Miller Jeep Road, and Gold Hill Road.  Half of the route is over rocks, which makes for slow travel.  Trail crosses Piru Creek several times.  For experienced riders only and not advisable to travel alone.  Bear sightings are common.

Miller Jeep

3 miles

Four-wheel drive road up Alamo Mountain from Piru Creek. Steep and rocky. Connects with road 7N01, Lockwood Trail, and Piru Creek Trail.  Obstacles include:  giant boulders, ski jumps, high berms, tree roots.

Snowy Trail

14.5 miles

Yes, this is a double diamond!  A narrow, winding trail from Kings Campground up into the forested top of Alamo Mountain.  The trail is in steep and rocky terrain. Recommended for experienced trail riders only.  Fantastic views in pine rich mountain area.  Abandoned log cabin and 1920s vehicle wrecks and other points of interest.

Whata Trail

2.5 miles

A challenging motorcycle trail that connects the top of Frazier Mountain and Tejon Trails; nice views, forested terrain.

Halfmoon Trail

3 miles

Four-wheel drive road down Piru Creek drainage to the Piru Creek Trail.  Dead-end route for four-wheel drives and ATVs.

Sulphur Spring Canyon

4 miles

Four-wheel drive route along sandy washes in badlands terrain. Dead-end.

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